Duty – Devotion – Distinction

Our Greatest Glory lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.

Quality policy

Our institution aims at achieving global recognition through creative transformation of our students into resourceful graduates enriched with necessary knowledge and wisdom to survive in all kinds of life-frontiers.

Quality Objectives

We aim at incessant pursuit of excellence through knowledge.

Short Term Goals

1. To produce cent percent result in all subjects.
2. To link our students with the world of employment by conducting regular campus interviews and career guidance programmes.
3. To upgrade all existing departments as research centers within by the end of 2014.
4. To undertake major R & D assignments from various funding agencies such as UGC, ICSSR, DRDO, DST, DBT, WHO, UNICEF and UNO.
5. To attain the status of College with Potential for Excellence.

Long term Goals

1. To reach the status of centre of excellence in all spheres of knowledge.
2. To become an All Purposive Academic Haven for the underprivileged citizen of our country.