Admission & withdrawal

1) Admission will be made as per the rules and regulations stipulated in the College Prospectus.

2) Students withdrawing from the College during the course of the year shall be required to pay all the fees due up to the date of withdrawal as well as the special fees for the semester on.

3) No fee will be charged for the issue of Transfer or Conduct Certificate at the end of any course of study if the student applies for the same within 15days of the following semester. A search fee at the rate of Rs.10 per year shall be collected for the late application for the certificates. A search fee of Rs. 10 (Rupees Ten) will be collected from students for issuing the certificates when applied for after two years their leaving the College. Students are strictly advised to collect their transfer certificate and conduct certificate at the end of the course. A fee of Rs. 50 will be charged for issuing any certificate other than T.C. and C.C.