Attendance and Leave of Absence

1) It shall be the duty of each student to attend College regularly and punctually on all working days and go through the course of instructions satisfactorily.

2) A student who has to be absent himself /herself shall submit an application in the prescribed form to his/her Proctor. A student residing in the College Hostel shall submit his application to the Proctor concerned with the remarks of the Warden.

The application for leave shall be submitted in advance to the Proctor or the Principal to get the leave granted. In case of sudden illness, the application with medical certificate shall be submitted at the office. All leave applications with the remarks of the Proctor shall be submitted to the Principal for approval.

In each case, the reasons for absence should be fully explained. The Principal reserves the right to call for a Medical Certificate and to decide each case on merit.

In all other cases, leave applications should be submitted before 1.40 p.m. on the first day of attendance after the period of absence.

3) The granting of leave is at the Principal’s discretion. Non-compliance with the rules will entail automatic refusal of leave unless the student explains to the satisfaction of the Proctor. His/her failure to comply with the rules and habitual non-compliance will entail imposition of fine or removal of the student from the roll of the college.

4) If a student is absent unauthorized for a continuous period of ten working days, he/she will be dropped from the roll. If the cause of leave fails to stand to the satisfaction of the Proctor, leave application will not be considered. Unless the student proves that his/ her absence is unavoidable, he/she will not be considered for readmission.

5) A working day comprises five periods of one hour each. Attendance shall be taken every period.
Reporting to class late without genuine cause shall not be entertained. A student shall request the teacher concerned for leave of absence for a period in an invisible circumstance.

6) A fine of one rupee for a day and 50 paise for a period will be levied fo r absence without leave.
A student absenting himself / herself on the following days without leave shall pay a fine.
a) in the opening week of a semester.
b) 3 days before or after special holidays.
c) before examination.

7) The attendance certificate will not be issued unless (i) the Principal is satisfied that the student’s progress and conduct are satisfactory and (ii) the student has attended three-fourths of the total number of working days in the academic year.

Attendance Certificate will be withheld for the students who have not attended at least 75% of the classes in the academic year.

All the scholarship / Fee concession holders should earn at least 90% of attendance, failing which the entire Scholarship / Fee concession amount has to be surrendered to the Social Welfare Department.