College Hostel

1: The hostel shall be under the general control of the Principal. The Principal will be assisted by a warden who is a member of the Teaching staff of the College.

2: The Principal may appoint in consultation with the warden Resident Proctors who will carry out such duties as may be prescribed by the Principal.

3: Student representatives shall be selected if necessary from among the members of the hostel to assist the Warden in the discharge of his duties.

4: The hostel committee consists of the Principal, the Warden, the Student Secretary, the Mess Representative and any other member co-opted by the Principal

5: No guest will be allowed to stay in the hostel.

6: Member of the teaching staff may be permitted by the principal to stay or board in the hostel.

7: Admission to the hostel will be made by the Principal and the Warden. Application for admission must be made to the Warden in the prescribed form available in the hostel office on payment of Rs. 25. Admission is not restricted by any consideration of caste or creed. However, the admission to the hostel is at the discretion of the Principal.

8: The following charges shall be paid by every hostel student at the time of admission:
i: Caution deposit – Rs. 2000
ii: Room Rent Old Hostel – Rs. 4,800 per annum New Hostel – Rs. 1,500 per annum
iii: Mess Establishment Charge- Rs. 2,500 per annum
iv: Electricity -Rs. 1,500 per annum
The mess dues must be paid promptly failing which, the inmates shall not be allowed to stay in the hostel.
Room rent and electricity charges must be paid at the beginning of each semester. The caution deposit of Rs. 2000 will be kept as a deposit and will be returned to the parent or guardian after deducting the sum due from the boarder to the hostel at the time of his leaving the hostel. No advances on caution deposit will be given on any account.

9: No student can withdraw from the hostel before the completion– of the academic year without the permission of the Warden.

10: The hostel authorities are not responsible for any loss of money or valuable articles. The inmates are advised to open savings bank account in the Post Office in the college campus.

Boarding and Lodging

1: No student shall leave the hostel without proper permission of the Warden.
2: Only vegetarian food will be served in the Hostel.
3: The hostel committee reserves the right to prescribe the menu.
4: The boarding charges for each member per month shall be worked in the first week of the following month. The mess bill for each month will be put up on the notice board and every boarder shall pay his dues on or before the -I 5th of the month. Fine will be levied forte delay in payment. No meal shall be served to the defaulters.
5: Food shall not be served after the time specified.
6: Boarders shall on no account be served food in their room exceptwhen they are ill.
7: Reduction of one day will be given if the period of absence in the hostel exceeds five days. Full mess reduction will be given if the absence exceeds ten days. Application for reduction must be made to the Warden in advance.
8: Boarders are free to attend any local cinema on Saturday.
9: Students must keep their rooms locked on leaving for classes.

Medical Aid

The medical officer of the College visits the hostel regularly to examine the cases of sickness for suitable medical attention. All cases of illness should be immediately reported to the Warden.

Disciplinary Rules

1: The students in the hostel shall have study schedule for one hour from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.
2: Every student should remain in his room and study his subjects during the study hours. Dishonouring the study schedule by a student shall attract serious action.
3: No student shall be absent himself from the hostel after 8.00 p.m. without the prior permission of the Warden. All Students shall keep their room for inspection by the Principal / Warden failing which a penalty of one rupee will be levied for each default. If this kind of absence is noticed more than two times, the punishmentwill be very severe.
4: Members of the hostel shall observe complete silence during the study hours.
5: No student shall stay in the hostel by abstaining from the classes without permission of the Warden.
6: No student shall halt at the hostel during the vacation.
7: No boarder except student Representative is allowed to enter the kitchen.
8: Members of hostel shall on no account entertain any hard terms with the cooks and other mess workers of the hostel. Complaints and suggestions, if any, may be made to the Warden.
9: Boarders shall not convene meeting of any kind in the hostel without the formal permission of the warden. Even if permitted, the meeting must be over by 8-00 p.m. They shall also refrain themselves from circulating any notice or petition without the prior permission of the warden.
10: Any damage to the hostel property such as chairs, tables, trays, electric fittings etc., shall bind the boarder at default to pay for the loss and if the offender is not traceable, damage shall be compensated by all the boarders themselves in the room collectively.
11: Misconduct of any kind or breach of any of the Hostel Rules will render the offender liable to fine and suspension or expulsion.
12: The inmates should not tamper with the electrical installations in their rooms, and the use of extra light, electric heater or fan is strictly forbidden.
13: Members should not participate in or subscribe to political activities and agitation on the Hostel premises. The warden shall expel the student who violates this rule.