Conduct & Behaviour

1) Every student shall wear clean and suitable clothing.

2) Every student shall demonstrate the gesture of respect to the staff.

3) When a member of the staff enters the class room, the students shall rise and remain standing till they are desired to sit.

4) No student shall leave the class room or laboratory without the permission of the teacher concerned.

5) Students are strictly prohibited from loitering on the verandahs of the College during the class hours.

6) Students who have no class to attend in any period shall go to the Library. No students on any account shall disturb the classes at work.

7) When attending meetings and functions in the college, students should be decently dressed. They should be polite and courteous to all, ready to oblige, respectful to seniors, and should prove themselves lovers of good order and decent behaviours.

8) in regard to matters not specified above, students shall aim at conducting themselves in a manner thoroughly worthy of the college, and in harmony with the best traditions of Indian life and culture.