Disciplinary Regulations

1) Unfair practices of any kind on the campus are punishable offences.

2) No student shall take part in or organize any demonstration or strike.

3) Students on the rolls of the college are forbidden to take part in political agitation directed against the authority of the Government.

4) The use of mobile phone by the students on the college campus is strictly prohibited and the violation of this will attract punishment.

5) The Principal or other constituted authorities of the college or Hostel may frame and issue from time to time disciplinary rules of a permanent or temporary character regulating the students’ conduct outside the College or Hostel Precincts so far as such rules seen necessary.

6) The Principal or other constituted authorities of the College or Hostel shall have the power to execute penalties like fine, withholding attendance, withholding certificates, suspension or expulsion from the College, cancellation of scholarships and fee concessions.