Library and Reading Room

The College Library consists of two sections viz., General Library with the reading room and Departmental Library.

Library Rules :

1: The Library and the reading room are open to all the members of the college.

2: Students are entitled to keep the borrowed books for two weeks from the date of issue. The books after use shall be returned to the Library on the date marked on the date slip. But they may be retained by the same person, if they are not in the meantime applied for. When reissued, the books may be retained for not more than three such renewals. The books should be produced before the Librarian for every renewal.

3: The Librarian my recall the book at any time even if the normal period of lending has not expired.

4: A student failing to return a book on the due date shall have to pay fine as per the rules.

5: A student who has to pay a fine or any other charge to the library shall not be allowed to borrow books.

6: Absence from college shall not ordinarily be admitted as an excuse for delay in returning the books.

7: Reference books will not be lent.

8: Students are expected to use all books with care. If a book is lost or damaged, the defaulter shall have to replace the book orto pay the current price of the book.

9: Practice of soiling, marking, underlining, clipping, or annotating in the books is forbidden and the violation of this will attract disciplinary action.

10: The student who has used a book shall be held responsible for all defects which he did not expose at the time of his taking it.

11: A student who wishes to borrow a book shall submit slips to the Librarian at the allotted time.

12: The Library is open only on working days from 8.00 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.

13: Students shall leave their own books at the entrance of the Library before they enter the Library.

14: Reference Books can be used with the permission of the Librarian and the books referred shOuld not be resolved by the users themselves.

15: No book from the reference section can be borrowed to be used off the library.

16: Strict silence should be observed and decorum should be maintained in the library. It is. in the power of the Librarian to refuse the issue of books or recommend disciplinary action against the student for breach of the code of conduct of the library.

17: All complaints and suggestions should in the first instance be made to the Librarian who will, when necessary, refer them to the Principal.

18: Students should return all the Library books at the end of their course or at the time of their leaving the college whichever is earlier. All dues should be paid.

19: Members of the Teaching staff are entitled to borrow 15 books from the Library for their use All the books borrowed in a semester should be returned to the Library at the end of the Semester and may be re borrowed on need.

20: Members of the Non-teaching Staff can borrow the books they need. Books may be recalled at any time by the Principal, if required. Each post graduate department has its own departmental library for the exclusive use of the P. G. students.